Rose Bud

This painting is for Illustration Friday’s weekly challenge theme “Twist”. I don’t usually paint flowers, they seem to girly for me. And my 7-year old niece agreed, when I asked her if she like it she replied “no, it’s too flowery.” But I loved the spiral twist at the center of the flower. You can decide if you like it.

Max the Cat & Monthly Update

max the cat

This is Max the cat, painted for the Daily Paintwork’s. Animals are such a challenge, getting the edges to be soft and irregular like fur can be a nightmare. The eye turned out ok.

I’ve decided to post a monthly update of my painting goals; which are to…draw and paint everyday. Which should translate to one sketchbook entry each day, and 6-12 paintings a month (depending on size and complexity). I have the time most days, if I don’t fritter it away.

In January, I drew in my sketchbook 15 times and completed only 3 paintings. I have struggled with drawing in a sketchbook for a long time; I just didn’t like the feel of a book and I didn’t like to have a pile of loose papers with sketches lying around. But I seem to have overcome that hurdle. I am now happily drawing in a book and I love to look back at the sketches. It’s inspiring to me. I need be more diligent with the paintings.