June Foodie Pen Pal


I received my Foodie Pen Pal box from Clare at clarecooksblog.com. She sent BBQ sauce and spice rub that I can use with my Traeger smoker. My husband smokes something (meat) nearly every weekend. It’s nice to have a selection of rubs on sauces on hand to experiment with. And lastly, that chocolate bar, I have been saving it for any upcoming road trip, a little treat to eat when I get tired of being trapped in the car. Can’t wait to break it open and try a nibble. Thanks Clare!

If you’d like to join the Foodie Pen Pal crew, head on over to the Lean Green Bean and check it out. Thanks Lindsey for organizing it.

Foodie Pen Pals

I love pen pal projects; letters, cards, art and now food. It’s all good.

Somehow I stumbled upon Lindsay and her website the Lean Green Bean. She organizes a monthly Foodie Pen Pal project that I signed up for. I exchanged packages with Sarah from Cheyenne, WY. My package contained all this loot.


I didn’t think that I liked saltwater taffy, I thought it was a boring, sweet, sticky candy. But this taffy was different; flavors like passion fruit, blueberry muffin and carmel cheesecake; flavors that came alive in my mouth. I’ll take some more please.

If you’d like to participate in the Foodie Pen Pal project, sign up here.



Rose Bud

This painting is for Illustration Friday’s weekly challenge theme “Twist”. I don’t usually paint flowers, they seem to girly for me. And my 7-year old niece agreed, when I asked her if she like it she replied “no, it’s too flowery.” But I loved the spiral twist at the center of the flower. You can decide if you like it.

Max the Cat & Monthly Update

max the cat

This is Max the cat, painted for the Daily Paintwork’s. Animals are such a challenge, getting the edges to be soft and irregular like fur can be a nightmare. The eye turned out ok.

I’ve decided to post a monthly update of my painting goals; which are to…draw and paint everyday. Which should translate to one sketchbook entry each day, and 6-12 paintings a month (depending on size and complexity). I have the time most days, if I don’t fritter it away.

In January, I drew in my sketchbook 15 times and completed only 3 paintings. I have struggled with drawing in a sketchbook for a long time; I just didn’t like the feel of a book and I didn’t like to have a pile of loose papers with sketches lying around. But I seem to have overcome that hurdle. I am now happily drawing in a book and I love to look back at the sketches. It’s inspiring to me. I need be more diligent with the paintings.